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Equipment and Resources

iBright FL1000

The iBright FL1000 is a digital Western blot and gel imager complete with data analysis software. Using a green LEDbased transilluminator as well as two epi-LEDs for fluorescence imaging applications, the iBright can be used for imaging and documenting chemiluminescent western blots and colorimetrically stained protein and nucleic acid gels, fluorescent gel and blot imaging capability using visible and near-IR excitation and emission channels. This model has five fluorescence channels, three in the visible fluorescence range and two in the near-IR fluorescence range. Up to four channels can be multiplexed when imaging a single western blot or set of four mini blots.


Dedicated Tissue Culture Suite

At left isĀ our in-lab, dedicated tissue culture suite connected to the main lab space. Inside are two class II, type A2 biological safety cabinets, 4 incubators, a dedicated water bath, several freezers, a water bath, and centrifuge. This self contained space helps to reduce cross contamination from the rest of the lab for optimal results. Inside, the room is well lit and well ventilated.




Leica CM1850 Cryostat

This cryostat features a well lit and spacious chamber work area capable of cutting sections as small as 3um. It has several helpful ease of use features including lateral blade displacement for use of the whole blade without repositioning the sample, a motorized coarse feed, and rapid specimen freezing as low as -60C.





Applied Biosystems qPCR Cycler

Reliable machine that handles our qPCR needs.